Ch.43: Medicine

Medicine? Ah~, that! It was that thing that I deposited before. It took quite a while. He said that it will take at least one month, but how long has it been? About a month? No, did it take a little longer? So, they finally knew. “Did you get the results? It took quite a […]

Ch.42: Identity of the Metal

TN: Sorry for the delay, but I’m very busy. The next morning, as usual, I take care of the fields, feed the chickens and collect the eggs, and then eat breakfast. Today I won’t go to the dungeon immediately. I think that I will go to sell the materials that I have accumulated so far. […]

Ch.41: Unknown Substance

From that, we devoted to raising our level for another week just in case, but we might be done too much. Haku and Koku were able to fight against 3 mantises independently, so we challenged the plaza. Of course, I choose a place with a few monsters. The number of monsters in the selected plaza […]

Extra Chapters: Especial Contents

TN: Happy New Year!! This is a gift for you guys, is the last chapter of the 2nd volume. Thanks for all this time, and a special thanks to Mike for the donation, it’s not required but it’s appreciated. Now I’m going to take a short vacation so I’m going to post just one in […]

Ch.40: Birth

Two more weeks have passed since then. First of all, the rest of the chickens also became adults, so I decided to send them to the dungeon. With this, all 30 chickens will be active in the dungeon. I asked the experienced chickens to supervise and instruct the newly added chickens so that they wouldn’t […]

Ch.37: Reflection again

TN: I decided to continue like the web novel and when I finish all the chapters (from the novel ), I’ll reorder them like the LN and add some chapters from the LN. Ah, I forgot to tell you that the chapters on the LN aren’t divided into paragraphs, so I tried to separate them, […]

Ch.36: Narrow Victory

TN: This is the last chapter …… that I could recover from the webnovel, from the next one, it’s going to be directly from the light novel. So this is the question, I reorder the chapters and combine the chapters from the WN+LN to make the 1st and 2nd volume, or continue with the current […]